I was stoked to be able to attend this years ULearn 08 conference in Christchurch. Last year I attended ULearn 07 and valued the chance to meet my fellow online bloggers in the flesh. We had established professional relationships over time by visiting one anothers blogs and simply entering into the dialogue that occurs by leaving comments.

This year, thanks to Simon’s foresight, we made an effort as bloggers to meet for breakfast.

Now there’s a bunch of Kiwi’s that will be taking the NZ education system into a bright future! ;+)

Bloggers present (in mixed order to respect their personal identities):Suzie, Toni, Amanda, Simon, Greg, Jane, Erin, Kirsten and Barbara.

The reason I blog this is to celebrate these and other online relationships. The people above are a few of the many professionals that contribute to a large percentage of my professional development. It all happens via blogs, twitter, nings, skype and other web 2.0 tools. So thanks guys, you have and are inspiring me!

If you haven’t started participating online I encourage you too. Explore some educational blogs and begin by leaving thoughtful comments. It all grows from there.

If you would like to be introduced to others in the network just leave any of us a comment. We are happy to help. :+)